Safe Holiday: Covid-19 Info

We are ready for your safe holiday

Hotel il Vascello takes all precautions according to the law
on containing the Covid-19 coronavirus


Hotel Il Vascello has 20 double bedrooms, each with a beautiful outdoor veranda equipped with armchairs and a table. Outside, the hotel has a good amount of space necessary to ensure respect for interpersonal distances.

The areas dedicated to catering, which normally serve 80/100 people at a time, will be dedicated to a maximum of 40/50 people in order to guarantee distances. This will also leave enough space for the wait staff serving in the room.

The hotel has a guarded entrance for maximum security. Guests will be greeted as always with the smiles and kindness of our reception staff. Equipped with gloves and masks, our staff will carry out the check-in procedure from behind a
plexiglass wall. Guests can speed up the check-in process by sending us their documents by email before arriving at the hotel.

Our guests will enter the facility respecting interpersonal distance, wearing a mask, and sanitizing their hands using the dispenser at the entrance; thermometers will be available, upon request, and at check-in to conduct body temperature checks.

There will also be a transfer service, on request and for a fee, with specialized personnel; the transfer vehicles will have been promptly sanitized as required by the health protocols.


Punctual sanitation of the rooms, the bar, the restaurant, the common areas and contact points (door handles, reception counters, common bathrooms, etc.);
the staff will wear personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves;
hand sanitizer will be placed in communal areas for Guests;
display of explanatory panels with the precautions to be taken during the stay;
specialized training of our staff to ensure knowledge and compliance with the hygiene and safety protocols applied by the Hotel.

The rooms will be treated with regular ventilation and rigorous sanitization with certified equipment and products, with particular attention given to
major contact areas such as switches, handles, doors etc….


Our staff will be equipped with PPE; the reduction in the number of tables will allow us to maintain the safety distances required by the protocols, and all the more so because each table will be reserved.

Guests must wear a mask upon entering the dining hall, until they are seated at their table. A mask must be worn when moving away from the table, however.

After each use, the tables and chairs will be sanitized according to the established procedures.

There will be no buffet at breakfast, which instead it will be conveniently served in the restaurant in front of the swimming pool; our guests can choose what they want from a small menu and will receive their food from a waiter who serves them at their table.


The pool is normally checked at least twice a day; according to scientific findings, chlorine and temperature prevent the virus from spreading in the water. However, interpersonal safety distances must be respected even here.

Access to the pool will be monitored to ensure the number of people there is in compliance with the rules and to ensure our guests are safe and relaxed.

At each change-over, sunbeds, mattresses, umbrellas, and anything else that is of possible contact will be sanitized.


Despite the restrictions and measures required at this particular time, you can still enjoy our private beach – albeit with some small precautions:

for your comfort and to protect your health, the stations on the beach will be adequately distant from each other;
upon your arrival at the beach, one of our staff will accompany you to your station and inform you about the measures to be respected; you will be asked to wear a mask both to reach the umbrella and when you leave the beach;
both sunbeds and umbrellas will always be sanitized after each use.

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