A fairytale sea and more

Costa Rei

What to do on holiday in southern Sardinia

From the beautiful beaches to the history of the Sardinian people: what not to miss on a vacation to Costa Rei.


The Beaches

The Costa Rei beach is part of the municipality of Muravera; extending for about 8/10 km, this beach is a long strip of fine sand that is so white it shines. Embellished with the fragrance of sea lily, it is only 350 meters from the Il Vascello hotel.
The Peppino rock beach is easily reachable on foot; it is characterized by the presence of a large granite rock. Due to its great position and the beauty of the sea, this is one of the most beautiful places on the coast.
Also in Costa Rei is the wonderful beach of Cala Sinzias. This beach has golden sand and services for all tastes; it is worth a visit. Not far away is Cala Pira with its white sand and turquoise sea; we recommend taking a dip here.
Finally, the beaches of Capo Ferrato, Porto Pirastu, and San Giovanni di Muravera complete the tour of the most beautiful beaches in the area.


The area around Muravera is rich in historical and archaeological heritage. We find the domus de janas, tombs dug into the rock built near menhirs and dolmens, isolated or grouped together in a necropolis. The domus are funerary structures built between the 4th and 3rd millennium BCE.
In the 3rd millennium BCE, Sardinia was affected by the megalithic influence of Northern Europe, whose menhir complexes can still be visited today, almost completely intact, represented by granite slabs embedded in the ground. Their construction is associated with religious practices, sacred places for the Nuragic tribes.
Near the menhir complexes we can find well-preserved remains of nuraghi, mysterious structures from prehistoric times, with military, funerary or residential functions. Visiting them is not only a cultural experience but a real naturalistic adventure.


Mountain enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the hike to the Sette Fratelli mountains. This trek requires training and commitment. The difficulty is due to the steepness of the route, which will be rewarded by a truly breathtaking view.
The less athletic can participate in jeep excursions through wild landscapes typical of the area, scented with holm oaks, oaks, strawberry trees and myrtle.
There are also beautiful sea excursions in the Villasimius Marine Protected Area to explore all the coves along the coast. Those who want to try their hand at diving will find unique seabeds with a wealth of marine flora and fauna.


The gastronomy of Muravera and Sarrabus is particularly hearty and tasty, with local dishes prepared according to ancient recipes using unique ingredients.
A few must-try dishes: culixionis, a typical square-shaped ravioli with serrated edges, which can be filled with potatoes and onions, fresh cheese or ricotta and spinach; fregula, a semolina pasta worked by hand to create little balls, which can be cooked in broth or served with tomato sauce and grated cheese; prazzidas, a pastry wrapper filled with tomatoes or aubergines or both, or with potatoes and sausage. It takes the form of a large flattened focaccia.

The seabed

For fans of the genre, the seabed of Capo Ferrato has several Second World War wrecks that make this one of the most beautiful areas for scuba diving.
The Mars cargo ship rests on the sandy seabed south of Capo Ferrato. Built in 1917, the ship was destroyed by a torpedo launched from a British submarine in 1942. These are two sections; the hold and some cabins that are almost totally destroyed.
Not far from Mars, at a depth of 73 meters, we can see the abandoned Valdivagna cargo ship. This ship, too, was built in 1913 and sunk in 1941.
A few miles from Capo Ferrato is the Salpi which was sunk in 1942 and is currently lying at a depth of 49 meters. The ship is broken into two sections; the cannon with ammunition, the hatches, the cargo crane, and machine-gun emplacements are still visible. Finally, there is the Palma, located between Capo Ferrato and Capo Carbonara; this ship was sunk in 1941.

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