Our pact with the territory

“Dear Guest, Our well-being cannot be separated from that of the environment, especially today when the effects of man’s impact on nature can no longer be ignored.

For us at Hotel Il Vascello, sustainability means developing a model that creates “value” by increasing the attention we give to the environmental and social responsibility we have toward the area in which we live and work.

It means using technologies that reduce energy consumption.

It means contributing to the social and economic development of local communities but, above all, helping our Guests be aware of respect for the environment.

We are constantly engaged in collaborating with local bodies and associations, and in sponsorships and organizations of cultural, social, and sporting events. Aware that this favours the development of our territory, we are committed to using raw materials from local suppliers and to working with businesses from neighbouring areas.

With enthusiasm, we bring to your attention all the steps taken by our hotel to promote more sustainable and ecological holidays.


  • Guests have at their disposal containers for separate collection and rubbish will be recycled
  • The hotel strives to reduce food waste
  • There are no disposable plastic sticks for mixing drinks
  • There are no single-use plastic cups
  • There are no single-use plates or cutlery


  • Water-saving toilet
  • Water-saving shower
  • Option to forgo daily cleaning of the accommodation
  • Option to re-use towels

Energy and greenhouse gases

  • Most of the food provided by the hotel is local
  • Most of the lights in the hotel have LED (energy saving) bulbs
  • All windows have double glazing
  • 100% of the hotel’s electricity comes from renewable sources
  • The hotel has magnetic keys or an electrical system with motion sensors

Local community and destination

  • The hotel reinvests part of the earnings in sustainability projects or for the local community
  • Tours and activities are organized by local guides and companies
  • Local artists can exhibit their works of art at the hotel
  • The hotel provides guests with information on local ecosystems, heritage and culture, as well as on conduct to be abided by on site


  • There are no captive wild animals on display at the hotel, neither is there any breeding, consumption, or sale of such animals at the site.
  • The hotel has green spaces such as gardens / hanging gardens
  • Bicycle rental
  • Bicycle parking

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