How to reach Sardinia

Sardinia is open, with some precautions:

  • from 3rd June it is possible to arrive on the island from all national destinations
  • from 25th June, all international flights will also be open


What to do

From 13th June, those arriving in Sardinia will be asked to sign up and fill in a questionnaire available exclusively online, either on the SUS platform or on the SardegnaSicura app, designed with a voluntary contact tracing functionality.

All passengers must present a copy of the registration receipt together with the boarding pass and a valid identity document. Airlines or shipping companies will check the receipt before boarding.

Find here all informations:

SardegnaSicura app can be downloaded both from the App Store (for iOS) and from the PlayStore (for Android systems).
See the Guide ‘Sardegna Sicura’
Download the App for iOS
Download the App for Android

Sardegna Sicura


The naval and flight companies have already provided everything to ensure safety and comfort. See all the details in the following links:
Grimaldi Lines
Sardinia Ferries
Aeroporto Olbia
Aeroporto Cagliari


After your arrival in Sardinia

Read this information to reach the Hotel Il Vascello and to know our security protocols:

How to reach the Hotel

Safe Holiday: containment of the Covid-19 pandemic